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5 Best Receipt Printers (in 2020)

Receipt printers as a Point-of-Sale technology are a tool used by businesses and retail stores to print vouchers for the customers.

It provides them with a record of their purchases and completes your point of sale system.

Although in today’s age printing paper receipts and handing them out seems a bit outdated as electronic receipts can be plotted and communicated via electronic mail.

Even still this stands to be a very common practice among retailers and business people, as customers hesitate to share their contact information or email addresses with them.

If you yourself own a business or are about to start one, you must know how handy this tool comes in everyday transactions. There are many good receipt printers in the market, but choosing the one that is appropriate for your needs is not an easy task.

Here we have compiled a list of top receipt printers available with their descriptive features along with a buying guide that will enlighten you of the things that need to be considered before you set off on your printer hunt.

Best Receipt Printers

Printer NameConnectivityWeightPrice
1. Star Micronics TSP100USB5.70 pounds
2. Epson TM-T88VUSB5.40 pounds
3. Citizen CT-S310IIUSB/Serial3.97 pounds
4. EOM-POS Thermal PrinterUSB/Serial4.30 pounds
5. Epson ReadyPrint T20USB/Serial3.75 pounds
6. ZKTeco Thermal Receipt PrinterWireless1.15 pounds
7. Epson TM-U220BWired8.8 pounds
8. Smart&Cool SC-5890TWireless2.39 pounds

You can pretty make your decision based on my comparison table. But each printer has its own pros and cons and you have to sit down and figure what feature you really need and what features are a bonus for you.

If you are looking for a receipt printer in a specific budget. You have to pick some features and compromise on other features. Receipt printer is not super expensive so you don’t need to spend a ton of time on your research, but baseline information is important to pick the best one based on your needs.

Let’s dig deeper into each model and discuss the nitty-gritty to see if it is a good fit for you.

1. Star Micronics TSP100

Star TSP100 TSP143U , USB, Receipt...
333 Reviews
Star TSP100 TSP143U , USB, Receipt...
  • Series: TSP100 Model: TSP143U
  • Monochrome
  • Direct Thermal
  • 125 mm/s Mono
  • 203 dpi
  • Direct thermal printer
  • DPI quaity is pretty good
  • Mounting kit included
  • No ethernet connectivity
  • Power on-off button can be clunky

As one of the most popular receipt machines available in the printer market, this appliance has its own lucid cadre to live up to, and we are here to assure you that you don’t need to expect any less from it.

What makes this printer so notable with users is its durability, its moderate price, and ample print speed.

Although it looks like any other average thermal receipt printer from the outside, it has a remarkable hardware interior that makes it deliver impressive print quality to users.

A decent print speed of 125mm per second and a 203 dpi resolution are two of the great specs this printer has to offer to your receipt printing experience.

It uses the contemporary Direct Thermal Technology powered by Star Micronics and also comes with a built-in power adapter.

There are some complaints about its power switch. It doesn’t work sometimes and can be clunky. You can replace it pretty easily.

Overall this model has great reviews and can be a good option if you are looking for a reliable receipt printer for your location.

Specs Recap

  • Print Quality: 203 DPI
  • Print Technology: Thermal
  • Weight: 5.70 Pounds
  • Connectivity: USB

2. Epson TM-T88V

TM-T88V Direct Thermal Printer -...
288 Reviews
TM-T88V Direct Thermal Printer -...
  • Epson Tm-t88v Direct Thermal Printer -...
  • Excellent performance and longevity
  • Perfect for heavy use
  • Some complaints about power supply
  • It is slightly expensive

If your business receipt printing needs are estimated to be exceptionally large-volume and intense, then you won’t need to look any further because this is the printer for you.

It is as expensive as it is reliable; in other words, you are definitely getting what you are paying for.

It is best suited for exhaustive printing and intensive usage. It comes with a built-in power adapter and an auto-cutter.

This printer has a special auto-cutter feature which can be pretty handy, you or your customer can just take the receipt right away. This is a great feature if you are using it on a large scale.

The print head is so much long-lasting and durable that it can print way over 100 kilometers worth of receipts effortlessly before you can even feel the need to replace it.

This printer has the most amazing print speed of up to 300mm per second which makes this one of the fastest models of receipt printers available in the market.

There are some complaints about its power supply which is a pretty common problem in these printers. I’d recommend buying a few external power supplies in case something got wrong.

Even though it is pretty expensive as compared to other models but if you are looking for a premium receipt printer and you want to buy a printer that can last for years, this is the best option for you.

It’s extra features make it a perfect choice for heavy-duty receipt printing.

Specs Recap

  • Connectivity: USB
  • Item weight:5.40 Pounds
  • Special feature: Auto Cutter

3. Citizen CT-S310II

Citizen America CT-S310II-U-BK CT-S310II...
147 Reviews
Citizen America CT-S310II-U-BK CT-S310II...
  • Save paper function
  • Halogen free housing
  • Long life head mode (up to 200km)
  • Cutter jam release function
  • Longer cutter life delivers lower...
  • Comes with save paper function
  • Halogen free housing
  • Long life head mode
  • Cutter jam release function
  • Some installation problem in ubuntu
  • 32 watts, Electricity cost might be high

It might surprise you to know that this monochrome receipt printer model is offered by the popular watch manufacturing company Citizen and is a classy device that will never disappoint you in terms of reliability.

It has been among the most popular thermal receipt printers in the market since the time Citizen first started manufacturing it.

If you are looking for a printer that can offer you high print speed and reliability in the same package deal, then you don’t need to look any further.

This printer is just the one for you.

The print speed that this device has to offer can reach up to an impressive 160mm per second and it has a durable, long-lasting print head with a capacity of up to 200 kilometers worth of printed receipts, that will make sure that you don’t have to waste a lot of time and energy in replacing it frequently.

It comes with a built-in buzzer and an auto-cutter.

As I said before, auto-cutter is a great feature especially if you are a heavy user. I’d highly recommend buying this model

A power supply is in-built and incorporated inside the device structure, making it so much more convenient for you to operate.

It also features a Cutter jam release feature, Halogen-free housing technology, a Serial or USB port and a function for saving paper.

Specs Recap

  • Connectivity:USB
  • Width:140.0 millimeters
  • Power:32 Watts

4. EOM-POS Thermal Printer

EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer - USB,...
138 Reviews
EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer - USB,...
  • 2 Year Full Warranty, Lifetime Tech...
  • Package includes: Thermal Receipt...
  • THERMAL means you will never need to...
  • 3 INTERFACES- Allows to print via USB...

If you visit any brick-and-mortar shops or stores from time to time, you most probably have noticed the presence of many products labeled by the name “EOM-POS”.

This is because the fact that attached to this name is one of the most popular brands, in the market of receipt printers and in that of many other products.

It comes at a moderate price range and with everything from software to accessories and cables that you might need to set it up and operate it.

The most attractive feature of this particular receipt printer is the versatility of connections that it has to offer.

You can easily set it up over a Land Area Network, or use the serial cable or the USB cord that comes with the printer to connect with it whenever you need it.

The high-quality print head and hardware allow the printer to print quality receipts at a decent print speed and for a long span of time before it can need replacement.

They gave 30 days warranty, so make sure you check it properly with a lot of prints if any issues arise, contact them immediately, there have been few complaints about potential technical flaws and supports wasn’t able to help.

But I don’t think this is their fault as they clearly stated, they only provide 30 days warranty and support.

Specs Recap

  • Item Weight:4.3 pounds
  • Auto Cut: Included
  • Connectivity: USB/Cable

5. Epson ReadyPrint T20

Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal...
302 Reviews
Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal...
  • Character Size: 0.88 × 2.13 and 1.25 ×...
  • Character Set: 95 Alphanumeric, 18 set...
  • Standard: Paper width 80mm: 48/64; Paper...
  • 42 Column Mode: Paper width 80mm: 42/60;...
  • Print Speed: Max. 200mm/sec (5.91...

It is one of the most affordable printers offered by the Epson Company that does not disappoint you when compared with the more expensive receipt printers in terms of reliability and manages to maintain its own distinct stature among the general lot.

Its hardware allows it to print at an impressive speed of 200mm per second without you having to fuss over the print-head replacement very frequently because it also provides a long life span and durability to it.

The machine comes with its own built-in power supply and an auto-cutter. All the software and accessories you require to set it up come with the printer when you purchase it.

Specs Recap

  • Color: Grey
  • Print Technology: Thermal
  • Brand: Epson

6. ZKTeco Thermal Receipt Printer

34 Reviews
  • 【Your Finger is Your Key】Smart lock...
  • 【Multiple Ways to Unlock】5-in-1...
  • 【App Control via Bluetooth】Lock and...
  • 【Solid and Secure Design】With robust...
  • 【Simple DIY Installation】No drilling...

A small, lightweight and compact receipt printer such as ZKTeco Thermal is highly recommended for retail outlets. It is compatible with android and multiple versions of iOS through an App. It has a decent print speed of up to 90mm per second and produces very little noise while being operated.

These features are best suited for picturesque receipts that include logos and images.

It is compatible with 58 mm thermal paper for printing and the durable print head has a life span of up to 100 kilometers worth of printed receipt paper.


  • Connection:Wireless
  • Brand: ZKTeco
  • Print Technology:Dot Matrix

7. Epson TM-U220B

Epson TM-U220B POS Receipt Printer
72 Reviews
Epson TM-U220B POS Receipt Printer
  • Parallel interface
  • With power supply
  • Dark Gray color

It is a monochrome receipt printer that prints only in black and white colors. What sets this printer apart from others in the lot is the high quality of receipts that it produces for you. It offers a maximum print speed of up to 6 lbs.

It uses the dot matrix technology and features 9 pins on its print head that can easily produce a maximum of 42 columns.

This printer can be operated only through a serial interface and does not provide an Ethernet connection. It offers a standard 4 KB memory.

Specs Recap

  • Connectivity technology: Wired
  • Color:Dark Grey
  • Brand:Epson

8. Smart&Cool SC-5890T

This receipt printer is a small device that comes with all the accessories and software that you might need to set it up and start operating it effortlessly and as in as minimum time as possible.

With a high-quality print head that makes very little noise and features a high-speed feeder, this printer becomes an even more attractive choice for you.

It supports 58mm thermal paper that you have to buy separately. The print head is durable with a life span of up to 100 kilometers worth of printed receipt paper and offers a print speed of about 90mm per second.

It can be run on any computer with a Windows operating system or a Linux-based operating system and its setup procedure is fairly simple.

Things to consider before buying:

It isn’t easy to come by a good piece of equipment these days that not only works effectively but also efficiently. Most arduous of all is the task of finding a tool that exactly fits your needs and is perfect for you.

It often becomes a very frustrating chore and even after you have found something good, it takes considerable time and energy to adjust to its quirks.

Fortunately, with receipt printers, you don’t really need to go for something too glamorous or comely.

You just need a device that can properly function and can efficiently print daily receipts for your transactions without jamming or clogging and deliver excellent quality at the same time.

Following is a list of things that we have compiled for you to consider before you go for purchasing a receipt printer for your business.

1. Your Business Needs:

The first step of all in this process is to broadly or specifically outline what you need your printer to be really good at.

Do you want it to be Wireless that allows multiple devices to access it at one time? Do you need to print Black and White receipts or ones with colorful images and logos?

Do you need it to be high-speed or high–quality? How much volume are you printing? Is there a specific type of paper that you want to print your receipts on?

How long do you want the printer head to last? Asking yourself these questions and others will allow you to understand what type of printer is required by you and what features it should have.

Printer Type: The two most popular printer types for receipt printing are Thermal and Impact printers. Thermal printers have a high speed and high quality and produce very little noise while functioning.

They don’t use inks or toners to print. Vouchers are printed through direct contact between the thermal print-head and the thermal paper.

Impact printers, on the other hand, use an ink ribbon with small pins that are embedded on the printer head to produce small dots that make up the letters on paper.

They use black and red colors to print graphics and images. These printers are ideal for environments with high temperatures, as thermal printers cannot efficiently operate in such environments.

Features: After narrowing down your search from a receipt printer to the type of receipt printer you want, you need to make a list of features you want the device to include. Some of the features that you may be looking for are:

Ø  A compact form

Ø  Easy setup and installation procedure

Ø  With or without an auto-cutter

Ø  Wireless or cable connectivity

Ø  Single or multiple connection interfaces

Ø  Application compatibility

Ø  Paper compatibility

To select which features you require, you should consider the pace of your business, space you can afford for the printer, the amount of time that you can manage to set it up and get it printed and the type, size, and frequency of your daily transactions.

2. Your Budget:

The price range of the printer will depend on the type of printer you want and the features it includes. Although the price is an important factor, it is advised that you do not make trade-offs on your needs and quality just for the sake of a cheaper printer.

An efficient printer with a higher price tag may benefit you much more in the long run. In addition to the purchase cost, you also need to inspect the operating costs that the printer may incur.

Thermal printers are more expensive than Impact printers because they deliver more speed and quality, but they have very little operating costs because they do not use ink or toner cartridges.

3. Compatibility:

You need to know if the printer you want to buy is compatible with your POS terminal or not. Inspect the product specifications closely to find out the compatibility options and if you can’t understand them by yourself, contact the vendor and confirm.

This will save you the trouble and frustration of finding out the terminal-printer incompatibility after you have made the purchase.

Although many good printers provide a wide range of compatibility options, there may exist some limitations to them and you need to be certain that your POS system does not qualify for those limitations before you can decide to purchase any such printer.

4. Print Speed:

Thermal receipt printers have only two-speed categories i.e., fast and extremely fast. This is what makes them more expensive.

The more the speed of the printer, the more expensive it is going to be. You have to assess the pace of your everyday business transactions and the number of customers you deal with on a daily basis.

Do you have a really busy store with tens of customers shopping at one time? Are you printing long receipts on a very frequent basis?

If your answer is yes then you should go for a really high-speed printer with a speed range of between 250 mm per second and 350 mm per second. These are the super fast printers that will keep your transactions running smoothly and with relative ease, without you having to halt your activities to check what went wrong with the printer.

If your answer is no, you can go for a printer with a lesser speed between 150 mm per second and 250 mm per second.

This speed may not be super fast, it is nonetheless fast and you will get by with your receipt printing effortlessly.

Printers with such speeds are good for businesses and retail outlets that don’t have a large number of customers waiting in line all day long or that are not printing foot long vouchers. Companies like Epson, Citizen, Star Micronics, Smart&Cool, and Ithaca manufacture and offer some of the most amazing high-speed printers in the receipt printer market.


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