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HP ENVY Photo 7155 Review

Are you photoholic and want your photographs to be printed without spending a lot of money? Well, the HP ENVY Photo 7155 Printer got your back.

HP 7155 printer is a well-designed and attractive all-in-one printer. It is capable of printing good-looking photos without making a hole in your pocket, but only if you have an HP Instant Ink Subscription. 

The HP Envy Photo 7155 is an easy to use yet powerful photo printer. We researched the best photo printers of 2020 and we can say that it can be included in the list as it kept reappearing. We at WorkeryChamp decided to test it out and see where it ends.

The printer is just around 17.87 x 16.14 x  6.34 inches which makes it smaller and compact. It won’t take a lot of the space on your office desk and can fit in just anywhere. 

When we tested this printer, we came to know that this printer is for the one who is looking to print photos and expect it to be inexpensive and good.

Well, if you’re professional or if you don’t print photos then you need to find some other printer. Check out our reviews, we have reviewed great printers. 

HP ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One Photo...
4,727 Reviews
HP ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One Photo...
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  • Good output quality
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  • Simple to use
  • It comes with Photo Paper tray
  • Integrated Print Head
  • Lower Page Yield
  • NO Automatic Document Feeder ADF
  • Can be expensive without Ink Subscription


Overall, it’s a very good printer for printing photos. In short, if you’re looking to print photos frequently and the documents occasionally then this is the printer for you since the printer lacks ADF and that means you don’t have multipage copying and scanning.

However, if you don’t have to compromise the ADF then it’s elder sibling can come in handy to take a look at which is HP Envy Photo 7855 for a $50 more.

If you are looking for top-notch quality photo printer keeping in mind that you’re a professional, then this is not the printer you’re looking for.

Otherwise, if printing a lot of quality photos at very reasonable running costs for your family and the home-based office is what you are looking for, then the HP Envy Photo 7155 is the great pick. 

Since it is an inkjet printer, there is a pretty common problem with inkjet printers. If you do not print for a while, the ink can dry up. So if you aren’t’ a frequent user, I’d recommend to at least print 1-2 documents after a couple of weeks even if you don’t need them.

There are some complaints about ink smearing. They did a pretty good job of timing if you order more than one print. If your first page isn’t dried, it can mess up your next page.

But this has a lot to do with your model, printer driver, and humidity, etc. If you having a smearing issue, I’d recommend calling their support, they will be able to help you with it.

1. Functions

The HP Envy Photo 7155 is an all-in-one photo printer. The printer is amazing in design and is compact making it look attractive on a desk.

 It is silent while printing as well. The HP 7155 supports 140 sheets of paper, that is 125 sheets of standard printing paper in the main input tray and another 15 sheets of snapshot-size premium photo papers that go in the small tray on the top of the main tray.

The HP 7155 can easily print about 300 to 400 pages a month that can go a maximum of 1,000 pages of cycle monthly. 

Apart from this, the HP 7155 comes with amazing special features like Dedicated Photo Paper Tray, Borderless Photo Prints, HP Instant Ink compatibility and HP Smart App.

If you’re a home office user, then this printer is definitely the one for you while if you have a small business or say you need to print a great volume of copies then you might need to reconsider before going for it.

The HP Envy Photo 7155 is very simple to use a printer which can be printing your copies and photos right when it comes out of the box. The printer is simple and is almost like plug and play. 

The two-cartridge system on this printer may sound good, but unfortunately, it can consume a high volume of ink if used for longer periods. The cartridge used for this printer is of low yields which can be a major disadvantage.

This printer is an all-in-one printer and basically can do all the functions that are, Print, Copy, Scan and Fax.

It can copy seamlessly either in black and white or color and makes up to 50 copies and the copy resolution of 300×300 dpi while it scans the document at the resolution of 1200dpi and it lacks ADF, that means it can scan single paper at a time. 

In short, if your home-office or business have a high paper turnover then you might want to consider a higher model of the printer.

Coming the print output quality, the HP 7155 does a pretty good job. The printer name itself had “Photo” in it so we expected good quality output while printing the photos.

In our test, we found out that the photo turns out to be good, or say an average of being perfect and only when you use the premium photo paper.

While if you use HP’s own specially designed photo paper, the photo quality turns out to be even better than the premium photo paper we used. 

On a standard printing paper, photos turn out to be the same as it would on any other inkjet printings, without the gloss, dull colors and less vibrant.

We recommend you to use HP’s own premium photo paper if you don’t want to lose the quality and need the highest quality photos. 

2. Printing Speed

14 Pages Per Minute”

The HP Envy Photo 7155 turns out to be pretty slow than the other printers we have reviewed, but hey just to remind you, this is a photo printer. Keeping that in mind, we did the test and it did print at quite amazing speeds.

The HP 7155 prints the black and white pages at the speed of 14 pages per minute and this is perfectly acceptable.

The rate in our test, however, was close to 12 pages per minute, usually because a lot of factors are involved that contribute to a printer’s speed which includes text size and density.

The speed of this printer can become frustrating if you’re into printing huge documents or even complex documents while it is perfectly fine if you’re using it to print the small documents.

However, for your ease, we have compiled the actual speed we got from the HP 7155 printer in a different situation in the data table below.

Print Speed Black (ISO)12 Pages/Minute
Print Speed Colour (ISO)9 Pages/Minute

The print quality and resolution are satisfying considering the printer’s cost and features it packs. The photo resolution printed on the HP’s Photo Paper is of maximum is up to 4800×1200 optimized dpi.

The printing duplex feature is however automatic on this HP 7155 printer.

3. Connectivity

The HP Envy Photo 7155 printer is easier to set up for all the users either with low tech skills or the high, it doesn’t matter.

We were able to set it up by just connecting it to the wall socket and setting it up on the wireless network. 

This is not the only wireless model out there, it cost slightly above $100. But there are a lot of other wireless printers under $100 if you are on a budget and want to get some

Don’t’ share your email or other information with anyone else otherwise you will get a lot of weird printing requests. Make it secure so only you or the person using the printer can give print command.

The amazing thing about this printer connectivity is that it supports dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, which is just great news if your home office or business Wi-Fi operates on the 5GHz band. Also managing dual-bands can work wonders for improving network speed.

Moreover, the printer can also connect to your devices with the Bluetooth Smart, a direct USB connection from the printer to the PC/Laptop and through their own proprietary Wireless Direct networking system, which in this case allows the printer and mobile devices to connect wirelessly to the printer without a router.

Apart from all this connectivity, this printer also supports several third-part wireless options, including the HP’s own ePrint option (which allows easy printing of email text and attachments), Apple’s Airprint, Mopria.

The Hp 7155 is compatible with several cloud options including iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox and also allows you to print right from your social media accounts.

The printer has an SD card slot right on the board, located on the left front side of the display panel. The photos can be printed directly from the Camera’s SD card and that’s a cool feature.

4. Display

All the printer’s magic happens from this little cute display at the front of the printer. Isn’t it? Yes, the Envy Photo 7155 has a 2.7-inch capacitive touch display. It turns out to be smoother and responds to our touches quite fast. This display will be your primary walk-up interface.

Although the display is quite small, it is good and sharp and we are sure most of the people won’t have a problem reading it.

On this display, you’ll be managing all of the standard scanning and copying tasks. The Envy Photo 7155 is good at printing photos and that’s definitely means everything else and all functions is given less priority and more towards the photo.

We are not saying that the HP 7155 is bad in performing other tasks, but its display and software integration, user interface and performance are certainly photo-centric. The all-in-one feature is still a big bonus for you in the price segment.

It is a surprise for the one looking for versatility. 

We forgot to mention that, the display right on the front panel of the printer is the one that helps you print photos from your SD card and the rest of all your cloud accounts.

5. Ink Cost – Rough Estimation:

The HP Envy Photo 7155 works with 2 cartridges out of the box. One is Black and while the other is a Tri-Colour (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow).

It uses the HP 64 model of both black and the tri-colour, and these cartridges also come in the XL. 

To be honest with you, we found out that the ink can make a hole in your pocket if buy the ink cartridge without the subscription and you print well enough in a month.

The standard HP 64 Black cartridge can print up to 200 pages while the standard HP 64 Tri-Colour cartridge can print up to 165 pages and costs few bucks higher than the black.

The HP 7155 comes with Instant Ink Subscription support and it’s better to subscribe instead of buying ink cartridge every time the ink runs out, by yourself. Also, the ink costs a lot less over time if you plan to do a lot of prints.

The best thing about the Ink Subscription is that it automatically orders ink cartridges when the ink level is low and we can’t even tell how many times it got our back in past with other printers.

For your ease, we made a table that shows you the cost of Ink Cartridge and the printing price per paper.

HP claims 5 cents per copy cost if you are using their ink. But it can be slightly above that range.

So here was my detailed review of this model. If you are still having any questions or you bought this model and need some help with troubleshooting, comment below.

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