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Hp page wide pro 477dw review

How many times has it been that you’re delivering an office presentation where you have to hand out documents with bar charts, histograms, and other detailed requirements?

Office environments can be hectic and intense, especially when everyone is working on a project, and you constantly have to hold meetings and pass out documents and files to the meeting attendees. The workload can be tough and extremely tiring.

There are a lot of other wide-formatted printers options. Check out my other article: Best 11×17 Printers.

In an atmosphere like this, it is crucial to maintain quality work, which includes well-formatted and clear documents.

HP PageWide Pro 477dw Color...
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HP PageWide Pro 477dw Color...
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  • Wireless & AirPrint
  • Decent printing speed
  • Brilliant print quality
  • Comparatively Expensive
  • Heavy use deteriorates print head
  • Jamming issues

It would look pretty rough and unprofessional if the files shared in a meeting had printouts with blown-out ink spots and areas with uneven ink spreading, right?

Well, lucky for you, the HP page wide pro 477dw is a perfect match for such a work-intensive environment.

The HP page wide 477dw will ensure high-quality colored prints combined with fast performance. There’s a lot to look forward to if you’ve your eyes set on this device, and we will discuss it all!!

Before diving into the detailed description of each feature of the HP page wide pro 477dw, let us quickly take a look at the best and worst features of the device.


For years now, the general rhetoric has been that lasers are better than printers, the main defense for this general thinking is that they cost less and they work better.

Not now, they don’t. Coming in with its impressive array of features, the HP page wide pro 477dw provides a speedy performance with high quality professional looking colored prints. 

This all in one printer performs all tasks of copying, scanning, and faxing. Although the price tag is comparatively higher than other printers, the device justifies it with its high capacity capabilities and low maintenance-this, in turn, helps you save money in the long run.

The page-wide 477dw isn’t competing with smaller inkjets; it is positioned as a genuine contender to laser devices.

For this reason, HP has consciously avoided small ink cartridges in favor of genuine heavy-duty supplies. The printer comes with 3,000 pages worth of black ink and 1,500 pages of colored ink. This greatly helps in avoiding expenditure.

1. Functions

With a sleek and attractive design, the HP page wide 477dw makes a perfect companion for a big office, especially since it prints with high quality and fast speed. The machine also offers wireless and wired connection capabilities to support the features of faxing, scanning, and printing.

The printer also supports multitasking, meaning you can indulge in more than one activity at a time without overwhelming the machinery.

Adding to the low maintenance, the HP page wide 477dw comes with a dual printing feature that allows the user to print on both sides of the paper, allowing you to save some money by not printing on multiple pages.

To reduce waiting time, the printer offers fast sleep mode printing and two sides training, keeping the workflow productive and consistent.

Not only does the printer provide fast and quality print outs, but it is also energy-efficient and reduces downtime and interruption with its Page wide Technology.

This feature in itself makes it a powerful companion for bustling and busy offices that require constant printing tasks.

Another quality feature of the HP page wide 477dw is the utility of its cartridges. The printer makes use of the original HP 972 cartridges. The XL black cartridges run up to 10,000 pages per month, while the XL color cartridges support up to 7,000 pages per month.

Thus, the monochrome cost comes out to be 1.5 cents per page and 2 cents for each color page.

Apart from all the bonuses of speed and cost, the HP page wide 477dw is specifically designed for business customers.

The automatic two-sided printing, primary and secondary trays, and all the fax and email functions coupled with the 1200 dots per inch (dpi) rate. This dpi rate ensures high-quality graphics.

However, there are complaints regarding the price tag, a $700 device is no joke. If you’re looking at this device and stressing over the price factor, you probably don’t print enough and thus don’t require one like this. 

In that case, the HP office pro 8710 would be a good fit for you. It’s a lot cheaper than the HP page wide 477dw. Apart from being more affordable, it’s one of the fastest home printers and delivers good quality prints with a resolution of 2400×1200 Dots per inch (DPI). This device is ideal for portability as well since it only weighs around 11.5 Kgs.

Another complaint comes from the use of cartridges. Hp’s genuine 972xl cartridges will cost you more bucks, but its better than using local ones and busting your already expensive printer.

Besides, if you’re someone who prints in volumes, then the Hp Page wide 477dw will save money and time in the long run.

2. Connectivity

HP OfficeJet all in one 7740 printers comes with wireless capabilities, meaning you can print files and documents from your tablets and smartphones. It works for each of the Android, Apple, and Windows operating systems.

Coming with an array of connectivity choices, both wired and wireless, the hp page wide pro 477dw WiFi, Ethernet, USB, and wireless direct, Hp’s proprietary response to the Wi-Fi direct.

This feature lets you connect your mobile phone and printer without either of the devices being networked. The Near-field communication (NFC) gives printing options by touching your mobile device to a hotspot located in the lower right corner of the printer’s screen.

Also, the device is compatible with each of the Windows, Apple, and Android operating systems. So, the printer supports all of the AirPrint, Google cloud print, and HP’s mobile app.

Apart from the wireless options, the wired capabilities of the printer include USB to connect with your computer and an Ethernet to communicate with a wired LAN.

The printer also includes HP’s PCL6 and PCL5e drivers, along with the Adobe PostScript emulation, this provides users a wide range of support for desktop publishing and graphic design environments.

3. Print Speed

Hp rates the Page wide pro 477dw at 40 pages per minute (ppm) for standard mode and 40 ppm for draft mode.

According to a test conducted, the printer was fed regular Microsoft word document, and it churned at a rate of 42ppm, which is two pages faster than the rate standard by HP itself.

When PowerPoint and excel files-that included graphics and images-were fed to the printer, the output rate dropped to 14.3 ppm, a drastic fall that occurs with many printers.

That being said, the 477dw was also fed with test photos, which were outputted in an average of 9 seconds each, this rate is fast for an inkjet but not entirely since the pictures had borders.

4. Output Quality

Output quality of any printer is its most crucial feature since it’s one of the main requirements, the output quality of the HP page wide pro 477dw did not disappoint.

The print quality for the HP page wide pro 477dw is above par, to say the least. With up to 1200×1200 dots per ink (dpi) for black ink and 2400×1200 dpi for a colored ink, the print out quality is really good!!

With the previous test for speed also showed the output text quality, which was crisp and even across the page.

The Graphics were colored precisely and accurately, with minor flaws that included small white horizontal lines across different sections of the page. However, these little deformities are so inadequate that they can only be seen when you’re focusing and looking hard to find errors. 

The photos looked great as well, however maybe not as great as other inkjet printers like the Epson WF-6590 which can print borderless pictures and pages, thanks to a design feature known as “bleeds”. 

Having said that, the output image quality was better than what you’ll get from most laser printers.

The copy and scan quality were also good, but it is recommended to use a better paper than regular copy paper.

5. Portability:

The HP page wide pro 477dw is by no means a portable device, the printer comes in at a weight of 49 pounds or 22.2 Kgs. It is around 21.3 inches in length, 20.3 inches in width, and 68 inches in height.

Lifting this delicate and expensive piece of machinery should be done very carefully, and since the weight is around 22 Kgs, it is not a one-man job to lift it easily.

Therefore, 2 people should lift the device carefully and permanently set it on a bench or a desk. Adding this beautiful piece of machinery will surely add to your office looking more professional.

You can add up to 550 sheets with 500 papers in the cassette and the remaining 50 in the multipurpose tray. However, if you feel like adding more, you can add another 500-sheet drawer (almost $200), for a maximum of 1050 sheets of paper.

6. Display

Display of any interactive device is its most attractive feature, as times are progressing, we can see changes in the user-interface and the overall quality of a printer’s display.

For a long time, printers had a mediocre or below mediocre touch screen display, which caused many hurdles and had to be pressed forcefully to set an operation into motion; the display was small.

Fortunately, with the HP page wide 477dw, the display is 4.3 inches in size and doesn’t prove to be a bottleneck for your everyday printing activities. With a user-friendly interface, navigation becomes more comfortable and quicker.

Just below the display control panel, you’ll find a USB port available for you to connect to your PC and print any JPEG, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word document.

7. Running Cost

Talking about the running/ink cost, the all in one HP 7740 has a running cost of 2.1 cents per monochrome and 8.1 cents per color page, based on the HP’s price and yield numbers. Good figures, nonetheless, these are not the best.

With the 477dw’s high yielding ink tanks, running costs reduce and go down to 1.4 cents each for monochrome and 7.1 cents for color. These are competitive numbers for both high and midrange inkjets. The WF-6590’s running costs are 1.6 cents for black and 7.6 cents for colored paper.

A more appropriate comparison to 477dw would be the Samsung ProXpress, a color laser with a price of $549. The ProXpress’s running cost for monochrome is 2.4 cents each for monochrome and 13.5 cents for colored. 

Now, if you’re someone who prints in large volumes each month, you can definitely see the differences in running costs for each machinery. The 477dw being $700, has a good value for money and is better in the long term since running costs are much lower.

However, if you’re looking for a printer of similar weight and dimensions for your home-based office that isn’t as heavy on the pocket and delivers good quality prints outs and graphics, have a look at the HP 7740.

Talking about the running/ink cost, the all in one HP 7740 has a running cost of 2.1 cents per monochrome and 8.1 cents per color page, based on the HP’s price and yield numbers. Good figures, nonetheless, these are not the best.

8. Conclusion

With many offices, color prints are not a requirement, but the extra upfront price is more than justified especially considering the high capacity printing the HP page Wide pro 477dw provides.

The low cost of ownership, giving 40 ppm average print speed and an array of versatile multifunctioning features with wired and wireless printing capabilities, further justify the high cost. The security is provided for as well, with PIN requirements for retrieving print jobs.  

In all, the pros overwhelmingly outweigh the cons. A flexible range of connectivity options and a color touchscreen display menu coupled with other features of the device justify the price tag.

I fell in love with printing ever since my dad bought the very first printer way back in the early 2000s. It's crazy how things have changed over the years. But I keep track of whatever happens in this industry, and I've set up this blog to share my insights with you all.